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When I had the great pleasure to join DRUMS ON EARTH more than 20 years ago it was very clear that this project was much more an attitude towards life for me than just another band.


The fantastic and fascinating drum grooves switched on several lights inside myself, and I wouldn't want to miss any single moment with those beautiful people and that inspiring music.



The songs of DOEE with driving percussion rhythms backed by lush synth pads, spacious pianos or vintage leads are an experience for body and soul. 


My musical background is rooted in Jazz, Funk and Soul where I played in various formations from BigBand to Trio’s. Thus the music of Drums on Earth Experience is a great addition to expand my musical vocabulary. 




"spread the good vibe and enjoy & love what ever you are into"

Iris works a percussionist, singer and composer and has already published 6 albums with her original music and lyrics  since 2003 - she performed her own songs especially in Cuba and the USA. For almost 14 years Iris worked and toured worldwide with the 7 times Grammy nominated group Tangerine Dream. She performed at incredible places like Royal Albert Hall or Best Buy Theater at NYC time square.  To mention some musicians she performed with: e.g. Brian May (Queen), Hubert Tubbs (Tower of Power), The Elvis Imperials,  The Sweet Inspirations, James Burton (Elvis Presley), Conquita Wurst, Julian Le Play, Ina Regen, Kathrina & the Waves....



The guitar has always been a fascinating instrument for me. Be it Rock, Folk or Jazz: The guitar can always deliver a sophisticated contribution to a band’s musical uniqueness. Being part of d.o.E.E. stands for an intensive and exciting collective effort to work on song ideas and arrangements.




"The didgeridoo is the musical instrument of my life and has become the centre of all phases of my being. I experience and explore it in all its facets, by playing it as a rhythm instrument, but also by developing and building it, by researching its fundamentals, by teaching, sharing, and passing it on.

With Drums On Earth I feel the musical fabric and rhythmic texture in which I can embed the didgeridoo as the very voice of rhythm and emotion."



The sound of drums fascinates and touches me since I have experienced the first drumbeat live. I once enjoyed DRUMS ON EARTH live in concert and I am happy to be a part of it now.


The Spirit of DRUMS ON EARTH EXPERIENCE is the result of a harmony of sounds and rhythms. Our sounds are a journey in themselves and affect me as an intensifier of the good feelings as well as the connectedness to one another.



"When I bang the drum I'm filled with joy - and I feel more alive than ever..."


Born in 1978 in Scheibbs, I attended basic drumset classes with Klaus Zalud, percussion classes with Gerhard Reiter and Andreas Huber and several Jazz- and Percussionworkshops (Scheibbs, Zeillern, Bad Goisern, Tulln) with Luis Ribeiro, Pepi Krammer, Karl Potter, Herwig Stieger and Stephan Maass.



When I joined DOEE just recently in 2017, I really felt honoured to have the opportunity to play together with these professional musicians. Actually this kind of music provides a good inspiration and the beats create a good atmosphere.

Playing the saxophone always has been a passion for me since I started at an age of 16. Once I performed as a street musician just for fun, then became member of the bands Tequila Sunrise (Rock), Vienna Subs (Pop) and a Jam Session (Funk/Jazz).


Predominately I’m used to play the tenor saxophone, but may also switch to my alto or baritone saxophone.



Music is a linking element between cultures, it is an universal language and a perfect way to express emotions. There will be no love without music!

Together with percussion instruments, the bass paves the way for the framework and music style. Although commonly in the background, the bass has a fundamental role and lays the basis for groove and harmonies – that´s the way I like it.


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